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What is Onyx ELite

Welcome to ONYX ELITE, where our primary goal is to help you realize your greatest potential!  Here at ONYX we see ourselves as more than just a performance facility, we view our products and services as an opportunity for CHANGE! Our world-class trainers have experience working with young athletes, working professionals, and world-class athletes.

ONYX ELITE training will incorporate a training system used to get the best results from people of all ages and physical capabilities. With our focus being on functional targets such as; speed and strength as opposed to our competitors who focus on aesthetic targets such as pounds and inches, we believe we will get the most out of our clients. Weight loss and total health will be a byproduct of our appropriate training and mentorship.  So stop waiting and come embrace the change in yourself with ONYX ELITE!


Onyx Journey

All his life, Oguchi Onyewu has always had health and fitness at the center of his life. From beginning soccer at the age of 4, to becoming an internationally known professional soccer player, fitness has always remained a big part of his life.

Having access to some of the greatest performance coaches in the world throughout his career motivated Oguchi to want to bring such elite training, and health advice that he has received as a professional athlete to everyone. Fostering the essence of professional training and methods, and being able to deliver that training to the masses of every ability level was a vision for Onyewu that began to take flight.

With the help of life-long friend and nationally known performance trainer Chris Gorres, Oguchi began to construct a business model in Richmond VA that would provide world-class service to the local community. Addressing certain disparities in the area and striving to help individuals embrace the change of growth in their personal health. With this idea and vision ONYX ELITE was born.

ONYX ELITE is a personal performance facility founded in 2014 by USA soccer star Oguchi Onyewu. ONYX ELITE is a privately owned, personal performance facility focused on helping all our members to achieve their health and fitness goals in a safe, clean, and motivating environment. All of our members are considered to be part of the ONYX Elite family and we share a strong sense of community with each other. We are driven by serving our members and community, and deeply committed to providing first-class customer service. We are concentrated in fitness and health programs for both non-professional and professional athletes as well as mid-size corporations on the east coast. In addition to training and fitness, ONYX ELITE also provides innovated nutritional support and strategies for its members and partners.




“I was first introduced to Chris Gorres when he and other members of Explosive Performance came to Princeton NJ. Chris was there to help educate the USWNT about injury prevention and getting your body at its optimal performance leading up to the Olympics. His knowledge of the body was beyond impressive to me. I instantly bought into his ideas and different methods about keeping my body in its top form. I have now been training with Chris for a year and he has consistently pushed me to become a better player and athlete. Being a goal keeper at the highest level demands specific training for the position. What I love most about our training is he gears it to MY specific position. Everything is relative to my movements in training and in games. Nothing is worse to me than a coach who trains me like every other athlete, or for a sport I do not play. Chris puts in the work which keeps me motivated everyday. Trust me when I say you want to be in the right hands. Chris is there to help separate me from the rest, and get me to my peak performance. Everyday in training I know I am working with the best to become the best.”

Ashlyn Harris, US Women's Soccer Team; Orlando Pride

"If you're looking to improve your overall athletic performance, then Chris is your guy. During my time training with Chris, I noticed tremendous improvement in two main areas: explosiveness and functional movement. These are two key elements in developing as a football player and Chris' training techniques really helped me improve these areas. My single-leg explosion/strength, in particular, saw the biggest improvement. Chris' attention to detail in not only becoming strong but becoming quickly/explosively strong is a valuable resource to any athlete who trains with Chris. I could certainly feel the results of training with Chris on the field this past fall.."

— Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Redskins

"My form has gotten much better and I feel quicker and faster than I ever have. The best part of the training is that it is different every time and the stuff we do translates well to the baseball field. I've always trained hard, but now to be able to combine that with training SMART as Chris guides me along, I feel on top of my game. If you want to take your game to the next level, Chris is the man to help you get there!"

— Brandon Guyer, Tampa Bay Rays