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Individual Training

Our trainers provide fully customized programs to match the specific needs and goals of individuals who need special attention. This program is suited for rehab clients, special needs children, or individuals with specific goals and scheduling needs.

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Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private training is perfect for individuals looking to get the most value for their dollar. Programs will be customized with appropriate options for each individual with the goal of improving overall health, functional strength, endurance, power, flexibility and more. Clients will learn how to properly use equipment in a fun and challenging setting.


Group Training

Group training is ideal individuals looking to be pushed and motivated in a larger group environment. Classes will be structured with appropriate options for the entire group with the goal of improving overall health, functional strength, endurance, power, flexibility and more. Clients will learn how to properly use equipment in a fun and challenging setting, while engaging with one another to promote the best results in each other!

Corporate Health and wellness

Organizations are recognizing that improving the health, and therefore increasing productivity, of their workforce can do more than cut costs. Increased productivity leads to an improved bottom line and sustained competitive advantage. Successful outcomes-based wellness programs measure productivity in addition to focusing on medical cost savings. For example, an independent study found that participants of Interactive Health's programs returned to work sooner than claimants who did not participate returned; 11 days sooner from worker's compensation, and 17 days sooner from short-term disability. The implication is simple: by taking a strategic approach to wellness, an organization develops a workforce that is healthier, more productive and more likely to drive value.


Team Training

Custom packages are available for local teams looking to take advantage of a large group discount. Team training will be customized to match the scheduling needs of the team, with on site or off site options. All programs will be geared towards reducing the risk of injury and developing strategies to improve athletic performance for a specific sport.

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Training clinics and seminars are great for everyone, especially individuals and teams who don't have the convenience to train with us on a daily or weekly basis. These special events will highlight the latest in training methods and cover performance topics such as injury prevention, strength training, active recovery, and more. Events will also feature special guests to talk about the journey as an athlete and life lessons through sports.


Post-Rehab and Injury Risk Assessment

Returning to sport is both a scary and gratifying time for every athlete. Approaching this process properly is important to ensuring the continued progress towards returning to pre-injury form. Using the newest and best science and tools in the industry, we work directly with the PTs and our partnership with VTFC to properly return you to peak performance. We take into account your overall movement patterns and deficiencies, asymmetries, and natural tendencies to build a dynamic program to return you to sport.

Our injury risk assessment is a interdisciplinary approach to assessing your injury risk using a therapeutic exam, SFMS, DorsaV, and other screening methods.


online training

If you're not in the area but are looking for a plan to follow on your own, this is the perfect option for you. Online plans are fully customized based on fitness level and goals. Clients can choose between programs for general weight loss and strength, or sport specific programs for soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, and more. Each member will have access to an exclusive video library for exercises and even an individualized meal plan with recipes, grocery lists, and daily plans to match needs and goals. In addition, online members will receive exclusive content and access to tips.